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Ethically Sourced Organic Clothing, Made in Canada

Founded by two Canadian women with a big idea – to change the textile and garment industries, one stitch at a time! We produce stylish and ethically manufactured textile-based items and encourage social consciousness and sustainable choices. Our clothing is a physical expression of our desire to make meaningful change for a better, healthier world. Our goal is for each thread to be traceable, from its new owner, to the artists and designers who conceived the ideas, to the garment and textile manufactures who make and assemble the fabric, to the farmers who grew the fibers, to the soil from which the fibers were grown. By purchasing clothing from Amity Textile Arts you are making a conscious choice to support community, the environment and ethical business practices.

  • Reversible Wrap Skirts - 100% Organic Cotton, Sustainably & Ethically Sourced. Hand Crafted in Canada

  • Unique Tote Bags - Hand crafted in Canada from Recycled Vancouver Street Banner Each Tote is One of a Kind


Purchase one of our beautiful Pocket Dresses before August 31st and receive a unique Vancouver Messenger Bag (Tote Bag) FREE!


Reversible Wrap Skirts are back!
$95.00 (CAD) excl. HST
“Amity Textile’s wrap skirt quickly became one of my favourite wardrobe staples –– especially for travel, when it multiplies my wardrobe and saves space in my suitcase.  It’s dressy enough for work and is also a casual classic for backyard barbecues.  I love that this skirt is Canadian made,  sustainable and ethical – as well stylish!  It has worn very well over the year that I’ve owned it, and I’m confident that it will be in my closet for many years to come!” – Catherine Heard