About Us

Amity Textile Arts was founded in 2014 as a collaboration between Shawna Reiter and Heather Kirk. The two women have known each other since their public school days, and wanted to combine their passion for art and ecology to create a company that is unique, inspiring, and sustainable.

Heather Kirk 


Heather’s background is in ecology, and she’s really interested in projects that contribute to ecological and social sustainability. She finished her PhD in The Netherlands, and is now living and working in Zurich, Switzerland. Besides Amity Textile Arts, she also started a project locally in Switzerland called Social Fabric. Social Fabric is a community working space for textile workers and recreational sewers, and also runs projects to support refugee integration in Switzerland. If you are interested in Heather’s academic work, please visit her Google Scholar Page.



Shawna Reiter


Shawna is an artist who’s practice focuses on sculpture, kinetic art and puppetry. She has an MFA from the University of Calgary and lives in Toronto, Canada where she is the artistic director of Clunk Puppet Lab. Shawna has taught art classes and workshops to children and adults at colleges, art galleries, and school boards across Canada. She currently teaches puppetry design and construction at the Humber College Puppetry Intensive. Read more about her work here.