Our Core Values and Our Mission

We want to change the textile and garment industries, one stitch at a time! We sat down and thought carefully about our values, and these are what we came up with:

  1. Materials: We will use sustainable materials, including recycled and organic fabrics, and we will support organic farming practices.
  2. Design: Our products will be well designed and of exceptional quality.
  3. Artists and workers in our supply chain: We aim to know and support all of the people in our supply chain; they are the foundation of our business. They will be paid fair wages, and will be actively involved in innovation within our company.
  4. Education: We love learning, and our founders both have backgrounds as educators. We commit to promoting ongoing education among our directors and employees. We also aim to offer positive education opportunities to our customers, through our products and materials.
  5. Community: We want to be involved in building a community among our customers and producers. We want to be a part of the communities in which our goods are produced and sold. We aim to connect our customers to the producers, by making our supply chain transparent, and by sharing the stories of the people who are involved in making our products. We also want to build trust between our business and our customers, so that our customers know that we are bringing them high-value, guilt free products at fair prices.
  6. Creativity: Our company is about creativity. This means that we encourage ideas, meaningful change and innovation. Transforming communities, reworking out-dated business models, changing life styles, and creating a more conscious world.
  7. Science and Technology: We are really interested in new scientific and technological developments. We aim to keep on top of new developments in organic farming, textile production, and recycling techniques, and to integrate innovation into our products and production practices.