Amity Michelle 2

Partnering with Common Thread

We have partnered with Common Thread Coop, a cooperative association in Vancouver, which employs women who otherwise experience barriers to entering the workforce. Common Thread is a socially responsible company which sources street banners and other fabric in order to create colourful and durable products. They coordinate production through clothing producers to help women who are […]


Fabric Printing

Experimenting with fabric printing techniques and patterns! (Dec 11, 2014) <a href=" see this.jpg”>

amity graffiti

Fabric Graffiti

Textile and fabric graffiti by Amity Textile Arts (December 3, 2014)<img class="wp-image-64 aligncenter" src="https://i2.wp crestor″ alt=”amity graffiti” /> kamagra store fildena vs viagra cialis online deutschland generic viagra green pill like viagra


3D Printed Buttons

We just found a local 3D printer, and he printed some buttons for us using PLA plastic, which is biodegradable. He also took this fascinating video of the 3D printing process for us. Thanks for the 3D printed buttons Martin! (Dec 3, 2014) <img class="size-full wp-image-134 aligncenter" src=" online″ alt=”safe_image” data-recalc-dims=”1″ /> www checkmate […]


New Labels

Yay!! Our labels arrived bluehost this morning! (Dec 2, 2014)



Two different options for our jackets; handmade acrylic buttons (colourful), or 3D printed buttons (black) (Nov 20, 2014)<a href="https://i1 view publisher”>      


Working on a dress design

We’re working on this dress design. It’s made from organic cotton voile, with a bamboo silk lining, a zipper in the back, and an elastic waist (under the belt). We want to phentermine make the dress a little longer, and also a bit slimmer above the waist. We’re also thinking of custom-making complementary green and […]


Prototyping a Cowl-neck Shirt

Here is Stoyanka, our tailor in Zurich, who has lots of great design ideas sertraline cost. Here she is wearing an unfinished cowl-neck shirt that we worked on during a fitting this morning. (Oct 17, 2014)